For the parents

For the parents

What LAN-party?

A LAN party is a gaming event that usually lasts between 3 to 4 days where people come to play together and compete against each other in tournaments. The purpose of the event is to gather same spirited, mostly around 12 to 25 year old people under the same roof. It’s usually events like this that offer the opportunity to meet your internet friends that you otherwise seldom get to see. The attendees bring their own computer or game console and the things that make it comfortable to stay overnight.

Skynett Langames doesn’t have an age limit, but we recommend that under 13 years old attendees come either with older friends, siblings or parents. Also make sure you check out our event rules!

Generally LAN parties around the world have been very peaceful. There is a 24 hour access control into our event and everyone must show their ticket when entering. There is also a 24 hour first aid and security service.

Things you should consider when attending

Sometimes especially the younger attendees are so excited about coming to the event, that they forget to take care of some practical things.

Here’s a few important things you should remember to ensure the best LAN experience!

Get enough quality sleep

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There is a possibility to get some rest in a secured place. There’s room for around 150 people at a time and you need to bring your own pillows, sleeping bags etc.

A more comfortable option is to book a room from Holiday Club Saimaa. You even get a discount with your LAN-ticket! We recommend a cabin or villas room, where you get to enjoy the luxury of a nice bed, showers, sauna, and a kitchen during the event! All the available booking options are listed here.

Eat healthy

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Nothing drops your energy levels faster than a meal replaced by energy drinks. If you want to last the whole event, you have to eat healthy food.

An R-kiosk and a separate kiosk provide you with some food and snacks, but Skynett recommends you visit Holiday Club Saimaa’s restaurants and enjoy the custom made event dishes in O’Learys and breakfast at Easy Kitchen.

Take care of your belongings

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We can say with a 16 year experience that thefts are extremely rare, but your own behavior has the biggest impact.

Keep your valuables with you, and if possible ask a friend to keep an eye on your belongings when you’re away.

Same goes for your friend’s place: keep an eye out and contact the security if you see strange people going through their belongings.

Lets take care of ourselves and the others!

There is no stupid questions

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Remember that we are here to serve you during the event. We gladly help you no matter how big or small your problem is.

Often there is a snowball effect and big problems were small in the beginning. The sooner you come and get help, the smaller your problems will ever be. See you at the info stand!