General info

General info

Good to know things about the event

The event is organized by Skynett ry in cooperation with Trailblazers. The non profit organization Skynett has made over 20 LAN-parties in Parikkala and Lappeenranta. The organization also provides event services as a product.

Skynett Langames -events are for those gaming enthusiasts, who want to experience multiple days in an awesome LAN-party, all the while gaming, competing and having tons of fun. The popularity of these events is based on their social nature. For example you can have chat with your opponent and shake their hand after a tight match, or generally hang around having fun with your friends. The attendees bring their own gaming equipment (pc or console)

Bringing alcohol or other intoxicants to the event’s arena and common areas is strictly prohibited! 



Event location and arriving to the event

Spa hotel Holiday Club Saimaa Rauhanrinne 1, 55320 LAPPEENRANTA

During the opening hours, the organizers will guide you to the parking area and there will be temporary signs to the event. There’s plenty of free parking in the area.

During the opening hours, you can bring your computer in from the doors on the arena level, but at other times use the hotel main entrance.

Train- and bus stations are located 8,5km from the event. The LAN tickets include free transportation from the stations, LUT university and Lappeenranta city center. More info closer to the event.


Computer place and electricity

  • VIP space is 100 cm wide and LAN space is 90 cm. We recommend bringing extra decor on the table in good taste and as long as it doesn’t cause danger. Make it personal!
  • Remember to bring a joint box, because we reserve one socket / place
  • Electrical power limit / place is 350 W. This has been measured by the average consumption of a gaming computer. You probably won’t need special arrangements even with a 700 W power source, just don’t bring unnecessary appliances.
  • If you have special needs concerning electricity, contact us and we will figure out what we can do about it.



One internet socket is reserved per computer place. Remember to bring a long CAT-5/6 net cable with a RJ45 connector and a functional network interface card. Skynett recommends a 10 m. cable


Sleeping and hygiene

Holiday Club Saimaa has hotel rooms and cottages to ensure the most comfortable stay. You can book them on the Holiday Clubs web page. They wanted to show their support for our event, so you even get a discount when buying a LAN-ticket!



When it comes to dining it’s every attendee for himself. Only the VIP area and accommodations have refrigerators. The Holiday Club Saimaa’s restaurants Easy Kitchen, Le Biff, O’Learys, Classic Pizza Restaurant and Beatles Bar serve the hungry during the event.

There is also a 24/7 R-kiosk and a temporary event kiosk where you can find snacks and drinks.


Other services

The even’ts info stand and Holiday Club’s hotel reception serve 24/7. In addition to the spa, you can also find a gym and a bowling track in the hotel. Read more on their web page!