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Skynett Langames 26

22. - 25.10.2020 HOLIDAY CLUB SAIMAA

What could be better than a three day LAN-party in a spa hotel?

Only four days of top notch LAN action in the middle of the autumn holiday!

Holiday Club Saimaa will host the greatest event of the South Karelian region: Skynett Langames 26 with whopping 500 expected attendees. If you liked the last year’s event, you will LOVE this year! We have double the action, triple the excitement coming your way!

– One more day of gaming! 3 days -> 4

– More tournaments and in a bigger scale

– More gamers -> greater atmosphere

– Improved common gaming area with greater variety

– Stream corner with such stars you will not want to miss meeting

For those, who love LAN parties. For those, who love gaming. For those, who love competing and for those who love a great atmosphere with quality humour.

Come and get an unforgetable LAN experience in the most luxurious event enviroment in Finland!

Holiday Club Saimaa
Rauhanrinne 1, 55320 Lappeenranta